How can i connect nokia 3210classic to my lap [Closed]

 bertha -
i would like to know how can i connect nokia 3210 classic to my laptop,pls tell me step by step

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how do you contect via blue tooth then? (on the Nokia E71) as I am only abel to do this via the usb cable, even though I have the bluetooth on my computer!
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Incorrect it is a 3g phone, line 32 you must be confusing this with the 3120 not the 3120C. You can connect via bluetooth (assuming you have this on your laptop, if not buy an inexpensive toggle) or with the optional accessory data cable, either with or without Nokia PC Suite (download from their site). Too easy.
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you won't be able to connect your phone to the laptop.
this is a second generation mobile phone, and these phone were not intended to do this.