If Function with Multiple statements including Vlook up

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Id like for my formula to read if vlookup is found (H:H is found in the freedom report and column x matches text in AV1, say registered. if not then read the 2nd if formula.

Currently i have :

=IF(or(vlookup($H:H,'Freedom Report'!B:BF,24,False)=AV$1,"Registered", IF(U13="Yes","Pending",IF(U13="No","x",IF(U13="","","")))))

but its not working. Help please!!

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What error do you get, or do you get a value?
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You are trying to match a RANGE: $H:H

If you wish to find H:H then use "H:H"!
The error i get is #N/A with the comment "Error
Wrong number of arguments to IF. Expected between 2 and 3 arguments, but got 1 arguments."

yes the information in column H is the only constant ID that matches the data that im searching in.

I'm not understanding "H:H"!
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Quote H:H End Quote = "H:H"