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Hello everyone :)
This is my first post and I'm really needing some assistance if at all possible! I am a school teacher, trying to create a spreadsheet.

On the first tab it will look something like this: (please see picture attached.)

I need to create a formula on another tab (same document) saying that:
if under 'CLASS' it has 2.1, then to copy all of the students info over to new tab. (ie would transfer Kwarn and Ji's data.)
Essentially I am trying to create spreadsheet so that all 806 school students info is on the first page, with opportunity, once allocated students to a new class for 2017, all the fields will populate automatically and I wont have to cut/paste 806 students' information to create new class summaries in different tabs.

Any assistance would be so greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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We cannot provide you with turn key solutions, but can help you when you are stuck...post some code and let us know where you are stuck. I encourage you to RECORD a MACRO and then observe how the macro writes out the commands you recorded. Then change the variables to suit your needs!

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