Acer ZG5, can't view movies.

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i have just got this new acer one ZG5, 1ram 120HD, 3 cell battery with linpus Linux Lite. it's a first for me with Linux. can't view movies in any format. the question is: as i am to get the 9 cell battery, should i install XP or try to work with Linux. if so, can you help with the movies? i so that VLC (under: but i can't reach any of the points there.


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It's better to know the linux Os well before using it. Linux is a bit harder than windows, when installing softwares or drivers
I have the same netbook, only with a default 8GB SSD drive. I upgraded it to 32GB btw. I do not know Linpus Linux. But I can recommend you'd try Ubuntu Linux.
Everything should work out of the box (wireless, touchpad, microphone etc. Only the SD card readers won't work anymore (there's a fix for that btw, but it can be a little complicated since you are new).
Linpus is a very limited Linux distribution. It's quite hard installing software in Linpus, but it's very easy to install VLC in Ubuntu. I've found your solution, I hope:

From here, you'll be able to install software as one would normally do in certain Linux distributions. Not all of them though, Ubuntu is probably the simplest solution. And with that, I think VLC is included in that list, and will hopefully install with codecs. If it doesn't, find the name of the package (a package is the way of installing software in Linux, just like .msi in Windows but safer) and install it using the way you've just unlocked. Sorry that I can't be more specific, I never had Linpus before.
Ah just read, Add/remove software will be under the system tab.

Good luck, and have fun with Linux. It really is awesome if you don't have those boundaries made by Acer -.-' That's why I bought mine with Ubuntu (it was second handed, only a few months in use, a bargain :D )