Samsung Smart View on iPhone: screen mirroring

Samsung Smart View on iPhone: screen mirroring

Samsung's SmartThings, previously Smart View is a free application that turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for Samsung Smart TVs and other smart devices in your home. In order to use this application, all that is required is that any devices you wish to use are connected to the same local network.

How to control your Samsung Smart TV with your iPhone?

  • Download Samsung's SmartThings from the Apple Store. 
  • Once downloaded, you will be able to change channels and control your television volume from your iPhone. You can even browse through Smart Hub applications and input text via the iPhone's virtual keyboard.
  • SmartThings also allows you to connect and control multiple smart home devices, not just your TV. You can connect to home appliances like your refrigerator, heating and speakers. 

How to screen mirror with SmartThings?

  • Open the SmartThings app.
  • Go to Screen Sharing. Then select your chosen mobile device from the connection guide, and then select Screen Sharing. 
  • You can now mirror content from your iPhone to your TV. 
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