Formula not copying from file to file Excel

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I am having difficulty in getting formula to copy from file to file in excel 2007. this works fine in excel 2003.

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i have a problem relating to this. in 07 when you have a row of #s to sum up, i use the sum formula.
then a 2nd row of #s to add up - same rows and columns. and a 3rd, 4th row etc, this SUM formula i want copied down to each row. i click the cell where row #1 is summed up....go to the bottom of that particular cell and ensure the cursor changes so i can copy. dragged downward to the end of #s. and yet the cell contents of row #1 are repeating throughout the entire copy. te cell formula is not applied to the rest of the rows!??!! help!

your help is appreciated. Culleed
Thank you

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post the formula and describe clearly what you want to do.
thank you.