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We purchased an Acer laptop a few months ago,and now we are encountering problems with it. When we turn it on the Acer screen coems up, but nothing happens. There is a small message at the bottom, which says press F2 to enter setup. When we press F2, it begins loading, but then ntohing happens. We have tried everything to get ti to work. We called Acer yesterday,and the person who we got told us we needed soem kind of special program to fix the computer. Apparently this is nto covered under the warrenty, because our warretny only covers hardware, and not software. I would jsut liek to know if there is any way that we can repair this laptop without this so called disc. The disc is onyl suppsoed to cost around $30.00 Canadian, but if we can fix it ourselves we don't wnat to buy it. We ahve already rodered the disc, but if we can fix the laptop ourselves ebfore it is sent, we can probably cancel the oreder. pelase respond quickly, as we onyl have about 8 days before the disc comes. Thank-you. Any responses are greatly appreciated

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hey there. do you have an acer recovery cd which you got when you purchased the laptop?
No it didn't come with one. If I get it to fix this is there a way I can save everyhting that is on the computer? The disc you are talking about is the one that the Acer operator recommended to us, but he told us that we would lose everything on the computer. It wouldn't be important if not for the fact that we use the computer for our bussiness, so there are some important files on it. Thank-you for replying, I appreciate it, and if you have any mroe information on how to save the files on your computer please help :)