Countif coloring of cells that were used.

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I would like to color cells (or a row) that were used for "countif" values.

for example, at my work, i have to indicate private calls from my service phone among all my calls for specific month; further to that, i used following formula that calculates phone values based on my home country phone prefix (which are usually my private calls):

further to that, i would also like that the values identified and used for calculation (either the cells or the whole row) would be marked with specific color.

I hope my question make sense.

thank you very much for your cooperation. Damian

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So, do you or do you not know about conditional formatting? Your statement wasn't clear on what you have already tried.
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thanks! i know about it; i was just wondering if i can incorporate/add the coloring part into the existing countif formula (so both the telephone number and its value/amount would change color).

sorry, i know im probably complicating the issue unnecessarily.
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Yes, Just apply the same formula from the telephone, onto the amount, and Color it.

So, if your phone logic turns cell A1 red, then apply the same logic to B1 and both will turn!