Connecting to xbox live without a router

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i was wondering how you connect to xbox live without a router, i have wireless in my room but no router. my friends connected through their computer but it was for Vista and i have XP. does anyone know how to connnect to xbox live through a computer using a ethernet cable?

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thanks but i need to connect my PC to my Xbox 360 not two PC's and all i found was laptop directions

tyvm anyway
Thank you

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i dont think you need one
heres a good guide to connect to live thru a computer using ethernet cable
right my problem is similar i no how to connect through my laptop with a wireless but my friend is having a problem. he is in the navy and has a wall connection to get online with his laptop, but to get his internet up he has to enter a password and user name. i was wondering if there is anyway of hooking his laptop to the wall via an ethernet cable and then his laptop connects to his xbox 360? would an ethernet splitter work if it was plugged into his laptop and then both ethernet cables are then plugged into it? or would there be a solution with a wireless router? any help is appreciated
@stato yes he can use the ethernet splinter
connect your xbox to ur pc then got networks in the control panel there will be two connections now highlight both and select bridge connections ,there u will now be able to connect to xbox live
connect to wireless, connect to lan

Network connections, wireless connection (right click), properties, advanced tab, allow other network users to connect through this computer to the internet<tick the box>
select Local Access Network from the drop down box
click ok
restart PC/laptop, restart xbox

This setup works for me, i'm on a laptop running from a dong
Hi I'm a first time xbox 360 live user. I don't have a router or a taptop. I have internet but its dailup. How would I get my xbox360 live. Please help
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others have got the same problem.
try this liink to see if the suggestions help: 56657 how to connect two pc s using ethernet cable