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Hello, I have a financial projection spreadsheet that will result in a residual value in a certain cell. I want to run 1000 iterations using a macro and record the value of the cell in a column so that I can then look at the distribution of values. I am using a random number generator to mimic investment returns over a 45 year period. Essentially what I want to do is something like:

For X = 1 to 1000
Calc cell A1
Copy A1 to BX (where X goes from 1 to 1000)
Let X = X+1
If X>1000, end

I think that it should be super easy but I just don't know the syntax. I would be very appreciative of any help that I could get from this request. Thank you so much in advance.

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take a look at this:

I am certain you will find an example in that article that you will be able to engineer to fit your model!