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So I have a workbook with an inventory master list that i would like to pull inventory numbers from all of the other sheets in my workbook. I start by creating my master inventory list for each shipment i receive and then assign the equipment to rooms (1 per sheet in a column). When they bring all of the equipment back i reenter the equipment in the next column and would like to have it populate into my master list to make sure all inventory is accounted for. I currently have 12 different rooms with equipment allocated. Is there an easy way to do this, or am i out of luck.

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Jul 24, 2017 at 05:16 PM
Use a Database for this type of operation. A spreadsheet is for calculations, not record keeping!

Go get OPENOFFICE and start a new BASE.

Create a table called MasterInventory:
ID (key)
ItemName (name)
ItemCost (cost)

Create a table called Building:
ID (key)
BuildingName (name)
BuildingRoom (room number)

Create a table called EQLocation:
ID (Key)
ItemID (ID from MasterInventory)
BuildingID (ID from Building, so if ID 1-you would know ID is room 1 of building 1, or what ever you put for KEY 1)

Now, report from EQLocation, and you will get a listing of each item in each room, as you ask for it, as in:


Now, you would get all items in EQLocation that was in building 1.

Have fun!