VBA Worksheet data transfer

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I haven't done anything with code for years and I am so lost in this,

I have a table on sheet 1 which goes from A-J and 1-8221 and contains data of an item we use and we fill it out when we use an item and finish that line when it gets scrapped

what I need to happen is when the item gets scrapped and we update the spreadsheet is for it to automatically move that item over to the other spreadsheet on sheet 2 which is a table holding all the scrapped items data in it,

since there is so many of the items on sheet 1 we have manually put all the scrapped ones over to sheet 2 which currently goes from A-J and 1-1584 as that's all the scrapped ones,

if someone could let me know what to do to make this automatically move them over that'll be great

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Post some code where you are stuck. There is no sense in us re-writing what you have already worked on, so post and we can help out.

When I say I'm lost I mean I opened up to do some coding and ended up staring at the blank screen as my mind went completely blank
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Can you wire frame the process and how you wish to see each event (don't worry about syntax at this point, lets see if the program logic will do at this point)?
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I am stepping sway for a few minutes, so take your time.

Literally have no idea what you're on about, when I did do things with code in the past it was basic stuff for a day or two,

All I need is if you imagine what the chart looks like from what I said in the OP

The last Collum is a scrapped date and what I need is for when a date gets put into scrapped (and not into date used) it'll put it into the other table on sheet 2