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SSH Secure Shell Client stands as a very robust and reliable software for quickly establishing a Secure Shell connection to remote servers and encrypting communication over an untrusted network.

What is SSH Secure Shell Client?

SSH Secure Shell Client is the client version of the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH), a cryptographic network protocol that allows network services to operate securely over an unsecured network. SSH applications use the client-server model where an SSH client instance connects to an SSH server, using private and public key pairs to authenticate interactions.

What are the key features of SSH Secure Shell Client?

  • Secure: The SSH protocol has been designed to provide a secure way to connect to servers remotely, execute commands, and perform operations in an untrusted network. You will log into an account with your username on the remote computer, authenticate to the host computer's SSH server using an encrypted connection, and everything you do will be encrypted.
  • Efficient: The SSH protocol is very efficient, and you will not suffer from unstable packet transmission or data losses. Once connected, as long as your internet connection is reliable, everything will go fine.
  • Transfer files: You can also transfer files securely over the network. Using either an interface or a command line, you can start to share whatever you want in seconds.
  • Command line: It is also helpful for system administrators who may need to run the same commands on many computers. Using SSH, you can quickly start a script and ensure every machine will execute it.
  • Keep control: There are some situations where you want to give somebody only partial access to your computer account. With SSH, you can do it very easily with no administrator privileges.
  • Port forwarding: You can also use SSH to increase the security of other TCP/IP applications by rerouting their connections and seamlessly passing them through a secure SSH connection. You can also use this technique to connect to ports where SSH connections are blocked, establish a secure SSH tunnel on a TCP port, and bypass the limitations securely.

How to use SSH Secure Shell Client?

Connect to the ICS server or set up a profile

  1. Start the Secure Shell Client.
  2. Click on File > Profiles > Add Profile...
  3. Give a name and press Enter.
  4. Click on File > Profiles > Edit Profiles... and select "ICS C" in the tree on the left side of the window.
  5. Enter a hostname and a username.
  6. Click on OK and start your session via File > Profiles > ICS C.

Transfer files between Windows and an ICS server

  1. Connect to the server as explained above.
  2. Click on Window > New file transfer. The SSH Secure Shell File Transfer window opens.
  3. Browse to the desired folder and use Operation > Upload... to upload files, or use Operation > Download (or the downward arrow) to download files to your computer.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to use.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is. SSH has proven to be robust to attacks. Just make sure you don't give anyone access to your private key.

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