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May facebook account ricavar pills kare

Hello, System Configuration: Androidyou disagree with the decision On December 4, 2021 It usually takes us a day or so to review your inform...

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Archos doesn't work

doesnt work

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David Webb  

Recover gmail account password

Some one hack my Gmail account and Facebook account. My Gmail account is ***@*** please give me solution.

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My account id disabled

My account id disableded. Please sir/ma'am. Help me to eligible.

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Help me change password for my unblocked account

Please help me re change my password for my account which was blocked coz during the process I was told by ccm Ok could not change it and dint receive...

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Help me to make a intro

I can't it won't let me

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Problem about music playback

Hello, everybody. Recently, I come across a problem and it drives me crazy. I downloaded many Apple Music songs on my iPhone. Then I transferred the...

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voici un test

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How to retrieve the info on time in and out of a contact

I can't find out if the person I want to rack to is currently on line, that option is gone on viber, how do I trieve it

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No audio output device installed

Hello, my computer doesn't have audio. its windows 8 and it says no audio device installed. How can I fix this problem. Thanks

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i what to know about this

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My previous gmail id has been forget.. plz help .e

Hello sir i forget my previous gmail account.. plz help me sir request.......

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is this really the same as the mac imovie? And does it give the computer a virus if i will download it? PLEASE ANWSER ASAP

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When i put my earphones in it sounds really faint/quite

Hello, Iv Been Having A Problem were when i put my earphones in its really quite, faint and just singes out one noice in a video. e.g I can hear The ...

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Audio codec

sometimes wen i download a movie i get the movie but no sound a nd it said codec error can't find codec !!

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When we format the computer and install new window then there


Hello, what could be do when we have no sound device? Thanks Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 23.0.1271.64

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Audio driver for my pc

sir, please send me an "audio driver download link" MY PC Details are under :- windows 7 ultimate system manufacturer :- VIAKBM Syst...

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Zohaib R

There is nothing showing on my screen!

Hello, I have a Lenova note book and i can turn it on but nothing comes on the screen it Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

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Zohaib R

Archos 7o adobe flash player problem


hey guys, i have in my possesion an archos 7o internet tablet but i can't install adobe flash player on it, 'cause when i'm downloading the program, ...

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