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Double codition formula based on drop down selection

Hi All, I have an excel file with sheet names : Primary Data sheet, Ground floor, First Floor and readings. I need this file to capture printer usage...


Copy data from one excel sheet to another: automatically

Dear All, Anybody help me to transfer the data from main database sheet to other sheets based on sheet name condition. i.e., The data from B6 to Q6 f...


Change color of cell automatically

I am working on excel . want to change color of cell  automatically  as per color of another cell. Color of another cell changes automatic as per form...


Excel formula: ​ two financial year ends for one client

Hello, Thank you so much for putting time aside in helping me with the following formula. In Column O on the Main sheet, I do a VLOOKUP from the mas...


Formula assistance in excel

Hello, I hope this message finds you well. I'm reaching out for some assistance with a Microsoft Excel formula-related question that I recently came ...

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