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How can i start a spreadsheet at windows login.


Hello, How can i start a spreadsheet at Windows login. The normal simple way does not work. Thank you, Mondriaan

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Copy and paste to internet creating whitespace problem


Hello, I created a body of text in Open Office Writer and tried to post it as a question on the website Less Wrong. A moderator rejected it for, as w...

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Conditioning one calc cell on another


Hello, does anyone know a way to make it so that a cell in Open Office Calc cannot be left empty, or at least that there will be an error message if ...

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Open office page numbering - start numbering on page 3


I would like to know how to start the page numbering on page 3 instead of 1.

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Impact font


hello, is the impact font included in windows 8.1. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 40.0

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How to get free microsoft office?


How to get free microsoft office?

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Forgot my internet password


I forgot my internet password , how can i get it .

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Where can i get ms office publisher for free


Hi, any body can help me, where I can to get MS office publisher for free?

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Hello, I was just wondering if the free download for Open Office is compatible with Windows 8.1, as I did not see it listed. Thank you and have a gre...

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Corrupted office file


i have a problem that i lost my all data from my computer. then i apply recovery software to get this data , although i recover my data but after reco...

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Can't access open office or documents


I can't get the Open Office o4, to open. I have Vista, home ed. And I can't view the documents that are in the Open Office file. What if I dleted O...

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High and lower case text in the "if" functions


Hello, I am working on a basketball spreadsheet. I am keep track of the home teams straight up(SU) wins. Home teams are capitalized(higher case), ...

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I have a problem with microsoft office starter?


Hello, I would respctfully ask anyone to help me with this problem which is: someday I have open the Microsoft Office starter and then I have been ...

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Open office fonts


Hi experts around, I just wanted to know whether all the fonts on open office are compatible to windows word fonts, thanks. Configuration: Wi...

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