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Someone hacked my fb account and changed my password

Hello, what will i do. my old fb account is hacked.. they changed my password..and they are using it

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Facebook hacked and contact information changed


Hello, My facebook was hacked 6 days ago and my email, phone number were taken off. I have tried everything to get my Facebook back and I really d...

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My facebook was hacked they changed the password they changed the phone number a

Hello, hello my Facebook account was hacked they save my password to change my email address to change my phone number I can't get into my account the...

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Can't log into facebook says that my password is wrong


Hello, I am unable to log into my Facebook. It says that my password is wrong. I have tried resetting it many times and it never sends me the emai...

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How to reset facebook password without phone number?

Hello, I lost my old mobile number and forgot my Facebook password. Please help so I can access my account. Thanks!

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