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  • arguing if its windows updates? Closed

    Hello, just finished with windows updates and now my computer doesnt want to start il gives me a blue screen with some codes that im unable to read s...

    ZoeJane | Windows | Latest reply: rp Oct 1, 2008
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  • want to put xp back Closed

    Hello, i need to format a hard disk where previously windows vista was to be installed but the installation never finished and now i want to put wi...

    Doe12 | Windows XP | Latest reply: rp Oct 1, 2008
    1 reply
  • Windows Xp Computer Closed

    Hello, my name is rell my problem is that when i go to click on pictures or videos it wont come up can yall please tell me the problem.

    Rell | Windows XP | Latest reply: langener51 Oct 1, 2008
    1 reply
  • Desktop not opening as computer star. Closed

    Hello, Hello Folkz, My computer is giving me problem. The problem is that just today i ran that AVcast antispyware or whatever it's name is and...

    mr.crick | Windows | Latest reply: mr.crick Sep 30, 2008
    2 replies
  • Mydesktop Icons and Taskbar dissapear Closed

    Hello, Please Help ASAP Running Windows XP SP3 This is my first time posting a message. ok, this is actually the first this has eve happene...

    HELP PLEASE | Windows | Latest reply: ChristianB. Sep 30, 2008
    10 replies
  • SOS i cant find my hard disc after virus atta Closed

    Hello, I had win32 netbooster, trojan horses and some others on my Sony Vaio. It is my fault because my Antivirus was expired. At the moment i downlo...

    Don1234 | Windows | Latest reply: shitboxporsche Sep 30, 2008
    3 replies
  • problm after downgrading in hp pavilion2701tu Closed

    Hello, sir i've a problem in formatting my laptop hp pavilion 2701tu. actually i ve downgraded my lap from vista premium to window xp. whenever i for...

    akki | Windows | Latest reply: rargy Sep 30, 2008
    2 replies
  • xp not installing Closed

    Hey there, Well my problem is that I cannot install windows xp actually on my computer. When I launch the installation and when it comes to the phase...

    vigts78 | Windows XP | Latest reply: harnold31 Sep 30, 2008
    1 reply
  • can't display links Closed

    Hi everyone, Im experiencing some problems whenever I want to get access to a link because it doesnt display. Allow me to explain this a little bit mo...

    chacostar | Windows | Latest reply: trypchelp Sep 30, 2008
    1 reply
  • how to remove vista back up Closed

    Hello, at frist i m instal vista and i want to instel xp but some vista back up file can't run my xp how to remove vista back up? can u sugason me,

    pran | Windows Vista | Latest reply: jmp59 Sep 30, 2008
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  • Realtek Audio Card not working. Closed

    Hello, I am having some serious issues regarding my Realtek Audio Card. I'll start my system up and within 10 Minutes (I need to cut down on startup ...

    michael mich... | Windows | Latest reply: GeorgeRattel Sep 30, 2008
    6 replies
  • Cool so I'm not alone. Closed

    Hello, Glad I'm not alone, no one else I know in the websites I sign in to (YouTube, etc.) have this problem

    sam | Windows | Latest reply: signaldown Sep 30, 2008
    1 reply
  • cannot install windows xp Solved/Closed

    Hello, today I bought a new PC for my daughter. Pentium quad;sata hard drive, all good stuff. There was no O/S installed, because that saved us 100...

    nickh | Windows XP | Latest reply: nickh Sep 30, 2008
    1 reply
  • GetArmadilloVariable Closed

    Hello, How can I delete the pop-up ?

    chaminat | Windows | Latest reply: chaminat Sep 29, 2008
    1 reply
  • " getarmadillovariable" and "oxoeed Closed

    Hello, messages about these two items " " above are popping up on my laptop continuously. I have Norton and Windows and I think they are up to date, ...

    whmeyers | Windows | Latest reply: chaminat Sep 29, 2008
    4 replies
  • Computer startup question Closed

    Hello, Thursday, September 19, 2008 When I turn on my computer, three instant message/chat programs' login windows come up. I have to wait fo...

    love2cats | Windows | Latest reply: love2cats Sep 29, 2008
    2 replies
  • Net transport 'queue' pane disappeared Closed

    Hello, I was checking out some of the settings on Net Transport, and I am unable to get back my 'queue' pane-anyone know how?

    tkmops | Windows | Latest reply: tkmops Sep 28, 2008
    2 replies
  • Computer will not boot Closed

    Hello, I have a desktop running an AMD proecssor that curlent quick booting. The computer starts to boot, but the monitor goes black right after th...

    computerkid | Windows | Latest reply: brillser Sep 28, 2008
    1 reply
  • Net Transport shuts itself down...why....??? Closed

    Hello, I've used Net Transport for about 4 years now, 2 paid version, 2 free version. It has started to shut itself down, about every 10 mins or so. ...

    tkmops | Windows | Latest reply: virageviraj Sep 28, 2008
    1 reply

    Hello, my computer has become all a mess.therefore i want to crash it and install can you provide a way through which i can crash my xp my...

    SANDEEP | Windows XP | Latest reply: tjmartineau Sep 28, 2008
    1 reply

    Hello, Desktop is dropping after boot. I cannot open task manager because I try but I get error message that says task manager was disabled by admini...

    CARL | Windows | Latest reply: tjmartineau Sep 28, 2008
    1 reply
  • Windows vista Closed

    Hello, ive just formatted my computer preinstalled windows vista ultimate, i had a second hard disk and now i have installed windows xp and it ca...

    janishtozor | Windows Vista | Latest reply: austwiz Sep 28, 2008
    1 reply
  • strangest problem ive ever seen Closed

    Hello, I am currently trying to run an intel pentium 4 2.8 ghz processor on a gigabyte ga-8ipe1000-G revision 3 board with 1 gig of kingston d...

    newbie | Windows | Latest reply: newbie Sep 27, 2008
    2 replies
  • Freezes and Problems Closed

    Hello, My name's Andy I have a Windows Vista Home Basic I've had this Laptop for a year and I already have problems and this computer is pretty mu...

    Andy | Windows | Latest reply: lencugio Sep 27, 2008
    1 reply
  • Windows xp startup looping Closed

    Hello, Hi have a hp pavilion a305w that is stuck in loop at startup I cannot get to the desk top all I get is the restart in save mode normally I hav...

    cynt | Windows XP | Latest reply: dhlexp Sep 27, 2008
    1 reply
  • Problem with disc D Closed

    Hello, I have problem with disc D!i just instal the Windows XP... im trying to open disc D,coz all my documents are there...but i cant open

    Labi | Windows | Latest reply: tipcojuice Sep 27, 2008
    1 reply
  • Acer Aspire One Vista SP1 Driver Closed

    Hello, I'm looking for a acer asper one driver for vista sp1. does anyone here have it? thank you very much...

    rhyan | Windows Vista | Latest reply: aquarelle Sep 26, 2008
    6 replies
  • missing old data Closed

    Hello, had instoll tryal kaspersky than after restart i can not boot my pc afther rebooting with boot cd i can not find my old data

    sam | Windows | Latest reply: laptopman07 Sep 26, 2008
    1 reply
  • Problem with restarting PC Closed

    Hello, I have a Windows Millennium Edition PC I am working on and its having problems restarting. It will act as it would when restarting but the scre...

    Duke | Windows | Latest reply: Duke Sep 26, 2008
    2 replies

    Hello, When I turn on my computer, The icons on my windows vista are big.. other problem also happen: 1-no hibernate button 2-sleep butt...

    zyan_08 | Windows Vista | Latest reply: David Gibson Sep 26, 2008
    3 replies
  • blank screen Closed

    Hello, i am having winxp sp2 in that when i boot the syastem post will run after that windows logo screen will appear after i can not able to get ...

    rose | Windows | Latest reply: David Gibson Sep 26, 2008
    1 reply
  • Cannot re-boot the the system Closed

    Hello, Yesterday I was watching DVD in Quickplay mode and computer went into hibernating, when I re-started the movie dvd was still in the drive he...

    Viraf | Windows | Latest reply: Anonymiter Sep 26, 2008
    1 reply
  • cache problem Closed

    Hello, Why can't my computer cache video clips I watch, in the temp internet files?

    Adroit463 | Windows | Latest reply: Adroit463 Sep 25, 2008
    2 replies
  • desktop items will disappear Closed

    Hello, i am getting a problem while restarting my pc on the desktop all the items are disappeard can u plz help me plz

    suji | Windows | Latest reply: Jim Sep 25, 2008
    4 replies
  • strange sound Closed

    Hello, when I get onto internet explorer I can hear some clicking sound as if new pages are being opened and then all I get is a very slow connection ...

    hollow21 | Windows | Latest reply: baba Sep 25, 2008
    1 reply
  • Hard Disk Partition Closed

    Hello, Acer DesktopAspire. Configuration: Processor: Intel C2D, 2.6 Ghz Memory: 2 GB RAM HDD: 320 GB OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 Problem - PC purc...

    Ramesh | Windows | Latest reply: rackus Sep 25, 2008
    1 reply
  • i cant go to cmos or boot even when i press f Closed

    Hello, i have a problem in my system, when removed the virus by connecting throug net the virus was cleaned and struck. then i started but it does ...

    maanikam | Windows | Latest reply: dinesh Sep 25, 2008
    1 reply
  • drivers problems Closed

    Hello, i have a HP 530 laptop partioned in two. the first partion retains the window ultimate vista that came with it now it is tellin me i have 2...

    bella | Windows | Latest reply: bella Sep 25, 2008
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  • USB not working Closed

    Hello, when in trying to connect my usb components to my usb ports the device are not being recognised by it...i tried all the ways to solve i...

    Ramesh | Windows | Latest reply: fedexpro Sep 24, 2008
    1 reply
  • occuring of Error message while formatting.. Closed

    Hello, I had assembled a system with Intel 2.53Ghz E7200 with G31Pr Motherboard and have a 160 a sata hard disk.while trying to format the hard disk ...

    saran | Windows | Latest reply: austwiz Sep 24, 2008
    1 reply
  • cant access web pages ! Closed

    Hi everybody, Home someone can help me with this issue? Well I can access some web pages but I cant access hotmail and yahoo constantly telling me th...

    ZoeJane | Windows | Latest reply: Devish21 Sep 24, 2008
    1 reply
  • to defragment a drive? Closed

    Hey there, I have windows xp and file format of my hard disk is ntfs but when I try to defragment the drive it tells me that defragementation detecte...

    dreamwave | Windows | Latest reply: Vic65 Sep 24, 2008
    1 reply
  • ask me to format hard disk Closed

    Hi everyone, So here my problem. Last month I installed windows vista on my machine and after that was not adapted to vista so format the hard drive ... | Windows | Latest reply: Deyel78 Sep 24, 2008
    1 reply
  • cpu running strangely Closed

    Hey there, I have my cpu running very strangely at 500mhz. I have a core 2 duo e4500 supossed to run at 2.20ghz but then why at only 500mhz? I have t...

    givemepsc | Windows | Latest reply: Doe12 Sep 24, 2008
    1 reply
  • restarting of computer Closed

    Hello, my compueter continuesly restarts may be after 2 minutes of starting. this problem reoccurs

    p_paradkar | Windows | Latest reply: santhosh Sep 24, 2008
    1 reply
  • XP install goes blank randomly Closed

    Hello, posting this as i am completely stumped, and googling the question seems to generate nothing similar. basically, a few months ago i man...

    benjh | Windows XP | Latest reply: benjh Sep 23, 2008
    2 replies
  • Re-installing windows xp Closed

    Hello, If I can't find my driver,can I reinstall windows xp with the original disc?

    mj | Windows XP | Latest reply: Jonah Sep 23, 2008
    1 reply
  • ERROR 0200: Failure Fixed Disk 0 Closed

    Hello, Need Help I have an ACER Aspire 3050 laptop. I am getting this message "ERROR 0200: Failure Fixed Disk 0" and . I fthought it was an HDD issue...

    Nic | Windows | Latest reply: melnisson Sep 23, 2008
    1 reply
  • partitioning Closed

    Hello, i have a 160 gb hard disk with 4 primary partition.i want to install linux which will need 15 gb free space.i deleted a 30 gb primary partitio...

    debbie | Windows | Latest reply: ronyIT Sep 23, 2008
    1 reply
  • Graphics Card Not Working After RAM Upgrade . Closed

    Hello, I recently upgraded my graphics card to a GeForce 9800 GT, which worked fine on my packard bell iMedia x2415 which has a Denver 10 motherboa...

    sammy_dee_20... | Windows | Latest reply: computergroove1 Sep 23, 2008
    1 reply