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New password

Hello, i need a new recovery code


Disable 2 step verifiation when no manage button appears

Hello, how do you diable 2 step verification when no mange button is available in Windows 11 


Hello my name is pieter i need help how you open authorized

Hello, My name Pieter  I need help now to open Authorized TimeStamps:00???


My account was hack and phone number and email was changed

Hello, Please I need to retain my facebook  account which  I was hacked and all phone and email was change by hacker 


Connex stealth book logo stucked on startup

Hello, My Connex stealth book model: L1465 is stucked on the startup Logo and if I hold down on the fn+f key, it takes ages to bring up the Bios and...


Gateway laptop won't boot up

My gateway laptop won't go past the logo screen when I turn it on. I have done the f8 f12 buttons and still NOTHING. It was working fine last week. No...

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