Sprint change of ownership: form, due to death

Sprint change of ownership: form, due to death

If you would like to switch ownership of your Sprint mobile account, the carrier makes this possible without much hassle. Transferring ownership could be a better option when you don't want to cancel your contract to allow you to save on fees.

However there are certain limitations. For example, the account must be in good standing and promotional credits are not transferred. This article will explain the criteria for transferring ownership under Sprint as well as how to get started doing so for your personal account.N.B. To change the ownership of a business account, Sprint has a dedicated process.

How to switch Sprint account ownership online?

To change your account, there are several preconditions that must be met by both the requestor and the acceptor. (The requestor is the person who surrenders the account, and the acceptor is the person who takes over the transferred account.) Both the requestor and the acceptor must be registered for a My Sprint account. If you do not have one, you can create one here by selecting Sign Up. Secondly, the requestor will need the Sprint account number of the acceptor. If they do not have one, they will need to visit a Sprint location or call 1-855-808-4185 to open a new one. The acceptor should use this new account number to create their My Sprint account, as opposed to a phone number.

Once this has been completed, go to the Sprint Change of Ownership page, and select at the bottom I’m the Requestor or I’m the Acceptor to get started. Follow the instructions to complete the process, after which both the acceptor and requestor will receive an email confirmation. Keep in mind that the process usually requires five working days to complete.

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