The latest articles by Thomas Jardin

  • Backspace not working in Word: how to fix the issue

    Microsoft Word provides many features to create a document in a simple and convenient manner. However sometimes some small problems creep in and some of the keys stop working properly. A malfunctioning backspace key is a well known problem that can be easily fixed. Follow the simple steps below to make sure yours is configured correctly.

  • How to disable the mobile data on Android phone?

    The internet connection on your Android smartphone may remain online permanently and interfere with the phone's functioning. Additionally, it may eat up your data plan without your awareness. This FAQ will walk you through the steps needed to disable the mobile data on your device.

  • How to Switch from 4G to 3G on Android?

    The 4G/LTE cellular network provide your mobile with high speed internet connection, which is ideal for exchanging data and updating applications, geolocation, messaging apps etc. It means you're always connected! However some users might want to switch from 4G to 3G in the situations when the network is a little slower or simply to save battery. In this article we'll take you through the steps to switch from 4G or 5G connection to 3G.

  • US country code: for WhatsApp, from UK, from India, Mexico

    This article will attempt to simplify how to dial an American phone number from any part of the world, whether it be Australia, the UK, India, or Belgium. It will also cover the country codes and area codes that you will need. Here's how to call someone in the USA.

  • Hi5 login: old account, with Facebook, online, sign up

    Hi5 is a social network designed for users to meet new people, make friends or start dating. The network was one of the first of its kind back in 2007, and despite the apparition of new, more successful social media, it is still hugely popular. In this article, you will find out various information such as how to activate your old Hi5 account or create a new one if you never had it.

  • Can a JPEG File contain a virus?

    A picture or photo in your PC can have different file extensions, such as jpeg, bmp, etc. In this article we will explain how these files can be altered to contain viruses that could harm your computer.