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Now, with the evolution of technology, creating a story, a game or a small computer program on a computer is easy. Several tools can assist you in this task in case of Scratch.

Key Features

  • Creation: you can create stories, games and other interactive programs with ease. It is a programming language that is easy to understand and to use. Programming is done through a graphical interface.
  • Sharing: each project created by community members is downloadable for free. You can have stories, games and many more. The database provides 2.69 million of projects of all kinds. You have to register to download.
  • Learning: it is a good way to learn programming. Of course, everything is done from the GUI, but the logic for a program running is always respected.


  • Scratch is a freeware.
  • Getting started quite easy thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • The application helps in learning programming.
  • Many projects available.
  • Possibility of mutual support among members of the community to move forward on a project.


  • Requires an internet connection to fully function.
  • Search projects difficult because of their large number.


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Alternative spelling: ScratchInstaller1.3.1.exe