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MP3 Rocket Music Downloads

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MP3 Rocket Music Downloads
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
MP3 Rocket Music Downloads is an effective way to get files from the web. It is both powerful and ergonomic and easy to use. Entirely free, it works with all Windows Operating system.

Key features

As its name suggests, MP3 Rocket Music Downloads is a utility which enables you to download freely and legally MP3 files that are available on the web. Moreover, this program is a versatile download tool. Using it, you can also get other kinds of file from the web such as videos, movies games, books, torrent files and so on. What distinguishes MP3 Rocket Music Downloads is that it has the ability to call on Gnutella and Bit torrent. These are powerful technologies that enable to download a huge amount of data and to stream live channel without increasing bandwidth consumption. Thus downloading files flow is quick and more fluid. Another feature which makes it useful is that it provides a protection for your PC. Indeed, MP3 Rocket Music Downloads checks every file whether it is harmful or not. If it is the case, the program will block it automatically.


This is a freeware.


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