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Designed by Raffael Herrmann, Soundcloud Downloader lets you download files from and other sharing websites.

Disclaimer: it seems that the publisher's website hasn't been active since 2017 and that the most recent version of the software is no longer available for download and support. If you encounter difficulties with the version linked to this page, we recommend that you check a web application with similar features.

What are the key features of Soundcloud Downloader?

  • Easy download: with Soundcloud Downloader, users can directly drag and drop the link from to the download list. After that, a click on the appropriate icon is enough.
  • Batch downloading: users are given the possibility to download files in batch. In fact, you can add as many links as needed for the downloading process. The file queue can display the name, size URL and status of each item.
  • Conversion: Soundcloud Downloader is also integrated with a converter. It can convert downloaded files into MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV and FLV in a matter of seconds.
  • Compatibility: Soundcloud Downloader is not only designed for soundcloud. Indeed, users can download files from YouTube, Mixcloud, Rapidshare, and up to 100 others sharing websites in one click hosters. It can also work on common browsers like Opera, Flock, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google and Safari.

Is it free?

You can download and use this software for free.

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