MP3Gain free for PC

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  • Developer snelg
  • Version 1.2.5
  • License Freeware
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Some songs have a low volume while others are a bit too loud. This compels us to increase and decrease the volume frequently. MP3Gain is a software designed to solve this problem since it standardizes the volume of MP3 files.

What are the key features of MP3Gain?

  • Adjusting the volume: MP3 Gain has the main function to make uniform the volume of MP3 sound. After the statistical analysis, the software increases the volume for the songs that have a too low sound and decreases those that are a little bit high. In this way, the user can easily listen to his music selection of equal volume.
  • Changes without distortion: there are occasions when a file is damaged or unusable after modification. But those who are using this software can be reassured that the changes made to the songs will not affect them thanks to direct change without decoding and re-encoding.
  • Completely free.
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