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Sometimes, there are audio tracks which sound settings are not really satisfying. Henceforth, with Graphic Equalizer Studio 64 bits, you can play songs and modify them at the same time. Thus, you do not need to call on complicated sound editing software to get what you want.

Key features

Above all, Graphic Equalizer Studio 64 bits is an equalizer tool. 31 settable bands and a visualization screen are visible on its interface and there are advanced tools like a compressor, a limiter, a mixer and an enhancer integrated within. The software itself can read MP3 files due to a built-in MP3 player. However, users are still able to combinate it with other audio player such as Winamp player, WMP, iTunes. All it takes is to launch simultaneously one of those players above and Graphic Equalizer Studio 64 bits does the rest. To save time and to complete all its features, Graphic Equalizer Studio 64 bits provides the ability to restore several edited MP3 files in a one fell swoop and to edit their tags in the same way as well. This software's singularity might likely dwells on its ability to calculate and to measure some sound's values such as correlation, RMS level for input and output and band frequencies. Furthermore, there are other interesting features namely a programmable frequency selection, a programmable Q-factor and so forth.


The intuitive interface makes the software easy-to-use.


It is a shareware version.


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Alternative spelling: EQDemo64-2011.exe, EQDemo64.exe
Latest update on June 11, 2015 at 04:55 AM.