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Hello All,
I have a dell laptop with 2 gb ram with windows vista home ultimate os, i've internet in the form of USB MODEM..(RELIANCE NETCONNECT HI-SPEED 1X) ,the speed which I am getting is 153 kbps however the transfer rate when I am downloading any file is in between 9-10kbps help me with regard to this,how can I increase the browsing and downloading speed? any software to download or any configuration changes?

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On Oct 7, I bought Reliance Netconnect broadband+ USB modem (3.1 Mbps download speed). Signal strength is almost 100%. Sometimes I get speed around 1.1 Mbps, but most of the time the speed is around 1Kbps or even lesser. I even get 0 kbps even though the signal strength is 100%. How to fix this problem? I use Windows Vista Home Premium.
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Hi, that USB modem is a Wireless Modem( like 3g modem etc.)? or a wired modem (such as cable modem or DSL)?

If is cable modem or DSL you should get the 153 kbps speed that you mention, or at least 60 to 100 kbps.

If is wireless modem, Some objects can interfere to the signal like floor, metal objects and file cabinets.

Also, if you want to know exactly which speed you have right now go to that could help you a lot.

Good Luck :)
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you should install internet download manager(IDM)

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