Asus laptop/tablet stuck on logging off page [Closed]

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Asus laptop/tablet stuck on logging off page , won't shut down . What happened?
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Is it still ON?
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when you can't boot the computer, you start having fewer and fewer options.. Here's how I'd start.

Because it can be tough to clean out certain malware while Windows is running, the scanning may need to be done using a bootscan disc which loads BEFORE Windows opens.. The <REMOVED BY MOD> disc is fairly easy to create and should help clean out some of that junk. Follow the instructions below:

On a separate clean computer, download the free <REMOVED BY MOD> Rescue Disc program and create a bootable rescue disc using the instructions below. Once that's done, boot the computer using the Rescue disc and make sure to select the option to "Rename files" per the instructions, then run the scan using the disc.. You don't need to login to your computer as the rescue disc will run "outside" of Windows.To restore your computer back to a time when things worked.. Restart the computer and immediately start pressing the F8 key, once per second, till a selection screen loads. Use the up/down arrow keys to select the "Last Known Good Configuration" option, then press the "Enter" key and follow the prompts to restart the computer which should restore back to when the computer worked.

If the above steps don't get it done, start looking for the recovery discs and backup discs that you should have created before this. They may be needed to perform a repair install or possibly, a complete destructive recovery.

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