TikTok: from now on, you can create your own AR effects for funnier selfie videos!

TikTok: from now on, you can create your own AR effects for funnier selfie videos!

TikTok has launched a new augmented reality effects creation feature with a new set of video effects, allowing all users to create their own effects and mini-games while watching the feed and without the need to switch to another app. In this article, we'll tell you more about how the update works.

Last year TikTok launched Effect House, an effects platform that allows anyone to create effects in a separate app, but now it can be done in TikTok itself, so use your imagination and create fun videos with winks, smiles, and taps in-app. To use the new feature, you'll need the latest version of TikTok (v32.1 on Android, v32.0 on iOS).

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How to create and add an AR effect in TikTok

From now on, you can create effects directly in the TikTok app without downloading a special app or effect creation program.

To create an effect, follow these steps:

  • Open the Effects tray
  • Click the Create tab
  • Click the plus (+) button
  • Add an object to start creating

TikTok provides the ability to create your own effects based on thousands of existing templates and effects on the platform. So, you won't be able to create completely new and original effects, per se, but you will be able to use existing AR effects to make a new effect or edit the existing one to create a unique effect for you and other users of the app.

If you want to learn more about how to create AR effects in TikTok, watch demos and tutorials, read comprehensive guides on TikTok effects, as well as test your effect-creation skills and produce your first effect, TikTok has created a dedicated platform, called Effect House Knowledge Center"Effect House is an effect development platform that empowers effect creators to build augmented reality (AR) experiences and effects. With Effect House, you can create everything from bunny ears and makeup to floating castles and interactive games. It doesn't matter if you're a design expert or a complete beginner - anyone can use Effect House to create fun, original, and inspiring augmented reality (AR) effects. This guide provides an overview of the Effect House interface and the rich library of guides, tutorials, and templates for creating an effect. Our goal is to help you jumpstart the effect creation process so that you can publish and share your effects with the TikTok community."

What's next for effects in TikTok?

In the press release published by TikTok, the company announced that it will continue to evolve the effects-producing experience:

"Our hope is that effect creation on TikTok makes it easy for more people to get started creating effects, no matter their level of experience or access to advanced tools. We'll continue innovating the effect-making experience on mobile and desktop and expand our library of templates, Effect House functionalities, and effect development tools so that creators feel empowered to create and share their effects with TikTok's global community."