Even if Google says, "This page no longer exists," you can still find it. Here's how

Even if Google says, "This page no longer exists," you can still find it. Here's how

The Internet has been around for so long that a huge amount of information that was once published is no longer accessible, no matter how much we Google. Sometimes this even applies to content that is not that old, and it is very frustrating. But you can try to recover deleted pages, and here's how to do it.

Surely this has happened to you, and more than once. You google some information, find it and are disappointed - the search engine tells you that "this page is no longer available." Maybe the site on which it is located is no longer supported by its creators, or the hosting has run out or there has been a failure... Previously, Google provided access to a copy of a website stored in the search engine's cache. The cached copy was usually displayed in a very minimalistic form, but still retained the text and basic elements. Now this function is no longer in the search engine interface. Is the problem unsolvable? Don't despair and read on.

If you can't access content that was previously published on a site, there are ways to find it. The secret is that you can still try to access the copy of the page stored in Google's cache. Unfortunately, this method does not always work, especially since site creators have the ability to delete copies of pages even from the cache if they wish. But it's still worth a try. The trick is to insert the following into the address bar of your browser before the address of the page you need:


After the colon, on the same line, enter the address of the page you want to access:


Google will show you the last cached copy of the page, along with information about when it was created.

There is another way to find pages and information that are no longer available on Google - by turning to a platform Archive.org that, year after year, creates an archive of diverse content. This is a non-profit Internet Archive service that stores copies of Internet pages, free e-books, multimedia, etc. Here you can find copies of online magazines, newspapers, blogs, books. Its Wayback Machine search is completely free for users all over the world.

To search for the content you need on Archive.org, open the website in your browser and enter the URL of the site you are interested in in the search bar. If it is in the archive, on your screen you will see a histogram showing the history of the website with the dates when the archived copies were created.. By clicking on them you will have access to an archived copy of this webpage. You can then save the information to your device or cloud storage in PDF format. The archive contains not only text materials, but also a huge library of audio and video files, which you can use for free! There are also other services that archive saved copies of web pages, such as Archive.is or Time Travel.