This new Google Chrome feature will help you write stress-free!

This new Google Chrome feature will help you write stress-free!

Chrome now has an AI that writes and rewrites text for you. It scans web pages and improves reviews, testimonials, and so on if you want. Here is everything we know so far.

Artificial intelligence has transformed our daily tasks, particularly in writing. AI-powered writing assistants offer quick and effective suggestions, often streamlining the writing process. Of course, it always needs to be revised and polished, however, users now can benefit from instant feedback on grammar and style, or get the short text, such as an email to a landlord, or a feedback form, done in a few seconds based on the keywords you provided. And this is no longer a distant future but our present reality.

Chrome has introduced a groundbreaking AI feature called "Help Me Write," designed to enhance text creation and refinement. This experimental function employs advanced neural network models, known as Gemini, to analyze the context of the current web page. The aim is to assist users in crafting and improving various types of text, such as reviews and testimonials.

As Google states in its official blog announcement: "Last month, we announced new generative AI features coming to Chrome to make browsing the web easier and more personalized — including a tab organizer, theme generator and an experimental tool to help you confidently write content online. With this week's launch of Chrome M122, you can try out "Help me write" on Mac and Windows PCs starting in the U.S in English. Using Gemini models, the new feature will help you start writing or refine something you've already written — whether you're selling a piece of furniture, submitting a restaurant review or inquiring about a hotel reservation. The tool will understand the context of the webpage you're on to suggest relevant content." 

Help me write example Google AI
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The "Help Me Write" feature is particularly helpful in tailoring content to specific interests or topics. For instance, if a passionate gardener is composing a review about a bush trimmer, the AI can extract pertinent information from the web page to make the content more informative and relevant to fellow garden enthusiasts, or if you'd like to make an inquiry about a hotel reservation and need a little help with that. 

  • To activate this feature, you can navigate to Settings in the three-dot drop-down menu of the browser and access the Experimental AI page.
  • Here, you can find the activation option for "Help Me Write". Once enabled, the tool becomes accessible through a simple right-click on the pop-up text menu and can be disabled at any time.

Currently, this innovative tool is available on the web version of Chrome for macOS and Windows users in the United States. It is important to note that the feature operates exclusively in the English language at this time.