This flight hack could help you avoid baggage fees

This flight hack could help you avoid baggage fees

Nowadays flying is becoming more of a luxury, and even on "cheap" flights, baggage fees can quickly add up leaving passengers with hefty expenses even before they board the plane. However, some savvy travellers have found this game-changing flight hack that can bypass these fees entirely. But is it really that good ?

This novel approach to trying to save money on your baggage costs has been shared on social media recently. It supposedly removes the need to carry heavy suitcases from your home to your destination, and it aims to avoid the fees that are imposed by airlines for checked on luggage. So what is the secret ? Sending your bags via post before the trip and then picking up your items on arrival at a designated relay point. 

The idea behind it is that before you embark on your journey, travelers can arrange for their luggage to be shipped to a selected relay point in at destination of choice. These relay points are typically located near airports or in central areas of major cities, offering easy access for travelers upon arrival. Once the luggage arrives at the relay point, travelers can simply pick it up at their convenience, bypassing the hassle of waiting at baggage claim or worrying about lost or damaged luggage. 

The argument for this hack is that it could potentially save time and money, it also offers added convenience and flexibility. By sending luggage ahead of time, travelers can enjoy a stress-free journey through airport security and streamline their travel experience. Additionally, traveling light allows for greater mobility and freedom to explore destinations without being weighed down by bulky bags.


But is this actually a good idea? One of the main downsides is that you will need to pack well in advance and ship the luggage over a week before you depart to make sure that it arrives at your destination before you do. Consequently, you are longer without your items, so if you put anything necessary in your luggage, you won't have access to it until you arrive. Another consideration would be paying for postal insurance, because there is a non-neglible possibility that your luggage never arrives, and your holiday would be ruined. At least with a flight when there is an issue with your luggage, you usually receive compensation, and a possible luggage delivery service to your hotel at the airline's expense. This wouldn't be the case if you tried to send your luggage via post. 

Ultimately you would need to calculate whether or not the additional effort to send your items via post is worth it compared to the cost of adding luggage to your flight. Alternatively, you can try packing as light as possible and flying with just hand luggage. In the summer months this may be easier as you will be less likely to be impacted by inclement weather.