Everyone knows that you're using ChatGPT... here's how you can avoid detection !

Everyone knows that you're using ChatGPT... here's how you can avoid detection !

Do you copy and paste answers from ChatGPT and think that no one will notice? Fortunately there is a way to make your text more unique!

AI generated content has become widespread on social media, websites, blogs and in other fields, in part because it is a convenient and powerful way of generating high-quality content. However, this type of AI content does have certain risks, particularly now that AI detectors have been created that are capable of flagging content that is not written by a human. This can have a negative impact of SEO rankings, damages to reputation, possible legal and ethical issues. 

In an attempt to address these issues, Undetectable AI has emerged as an advanced tool that can be used to make AI generated content more human-like. This tool can be used to to identify and rewrite AI-based content. This is how you can prevent your AI content from being detected:

  • Create a free or premium account on the Undetectable AI website.
  • Copy and paste your AI content directly into the provided box on the homepage or import it from a URL or upload a file.
  • Click the "Check for AI Content" button to run the AI detection tool, which provides results from eight different AI checkers, indicating how close the content is to being human-like.
  • Click the "Humanize" button to activate the AI rewriting tool, utilizing three AI engines, natural language processing, and semantic analysis algorithms to rewrite the original text.
  • Edit and review the rewritten AI content as needed, using the "Improve Writing" button for further enhancements.
  • Copy the rephrased AI text for pasting into your desired location or save it as a file, share it via email, or on social media platforms.

The benefits of using an AI detection tool such as Undetectable AI, is to maintain the increased productivity in the content creation process that you can have from using AI, but in a way that you will avoid being detected. You will be able to create high quality content efficiently without the possible risks of having your content flagged up as AI generated. 

Nonetheless, you should be careful when using AI generated content for academic purposes. If your work is going to be assessed and graded in the context of college, or a CV for a job application, it is not recommended that you use AI generated content. Why not use an AI tool to help you draft the structure of an essay, or article, but then actually write the article yourself, using your own words. This would be the best of both worlds, allowing you to speed up your process, but also maintaining the authentic element of your content.