WhatsApp's interface has finally been revamped: Here's everything that has changed

WhatsApp's interface has finally been revamped: Here's everything that has changed

WhatsApp is updating its interface on Android, moving the navigation menu to the bottom. And soon, the app should also modify the screen that appears when making audio or video calls. Here's everything you need to know so far.

Over the past few months, WhatsApp has been constantly adding new features, much to the delight of its two billion or so users. Pinned messages, screen sharing, new text formatting functions, a new blocking system, and soon interoperability with other instant messengers... These are all very practical functions. And Meta doesn't intend to stop there: many new features are in preparation in the beta version of the application. But sometimes you have to wait a long time for them to appear in the stable version of instant messaging! So, after almost a year in beta, Meta is finally rolling out its new menu bar in the Android version of WhatsApp, bringing it into line with the iPhone interface and making navigation more convenient. The company is also taking the opportunity to test a new interface for the screen that appears when you make calls.

WhatsApp interface: What are the most important changes?

  • As announced on WhatsApp's official X account, WhatsApp's horizontal bar, normally located in the green banner at the top of the screen, is now at the bottom, along with the "Discussions", "News", "Communities" and "Calls" tabs. The aim is to "make it easier to access what you need when you need it", and to make the interface more modern. Note that you can still move from one window to another by swiping the screen with your finger. To take advantage of this new feature, simply update your application in the Play Store, if you haven't already done so.
WhatsApp new interface
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  • However, Meta doesn't intend to stop there and plans to push the interface redesign much further, particularly for the call screen - when you're in the middle of a phone conversation. TheSpAndroid has discovered some new buttons in beta version For example, the "Back" button, normally found in the top left-hand corner, has been replaced by a "Minimize" button. This is intended to provide greater clarity and avoid giving the impression that the call is about to be ended. The bottom bar, meanwhile, has more pronounced icons, with five instead of four: menu, video call, speakerphone, microphone, and hang-up.
  • Another change concerns the buttons that appear when the person you're talking to wants to switch from a voice call to a video call. The "Decline" and "Accept" buttons now take up more space, particularly in terms of width, and have the right to new colors.

We don't know when these changes will be available to the general public. Previous beta versions of WhatsApp had introduced other redesigns, such as new chat filters, a new shade of green, and a cleaner, more modern interface in general. It remains to be seen whether they will actually see the light of day.