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Auto Volume Control

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Auto Volume Control
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English
Do you want to listen to the radio with a reasonable sound volume ? Auto Volume Control is the appropriate software for that.

Key features:

  • Use : This software is very efficient especially in cars, in public places and in outdoors. Meaning that, all external noise like wind, passersby, traffic and background noise that may disturb the good sound quality can be prevented by this software. Consequently, intelligibility is entirely guaranteed when making phone calls.
  • Volume leveler: Auto Volume Control keeps the volume in a steady level. So, there is no variation in volume either too loud or too low and users do not have to look around to find the remote control or to turn the button each time the sound changes.
  • Installation : the software is very simple to install and all the users have to do is to follow the clear instructions given while downloading for better result. Also, it is discreet because once installed, it can stay there as long as possible.
  • Other options : the software is compatible with many audio devices like mobile phones, car radio and systems, MP3 players, tablets. Apart from its simplicity, it is also convenient particularly for those who have hearing problem but have to make phone calls more often.


  • A powerful shareware that makes listening more pleasing.
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