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  • Developer Electronic Arts
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FIFA 22 is the most recent effort of Electronic Arts in trying to create the best football game on the market, and it promises a lot of gameplay improvements, as well as some never-before-seen game modes. Bigger, bolder, better?


  • HyperMotion technology: This is EA's big bet for FIFA 22. The movements of many real-life players were captured to ensure greater realism in all the actions they performed on the pitch (dribbling, kicking the ball, celebrations, etc.). HyperMotion is only supported by the FIFA 22 PS5 and FIFA 22 Xbox Series X|S editions.
  • Career mode additions: For the first time in FIFA history, you will have the possibility to create your own club from scratch and even build the team's stadium. Choose your logo, and team colors and start from the lower divisions, gradually improving the reputation of the club throughout the seasons until you compete with the best.
  • New competition: The FIFA 22 game has more than 17,000 athletes, 700 teams, and 30 playable tournaments, including the main international tournaments. In this edition, the UEFA Europa Conference League was added, a league that also made its real-life debut during the 2021-2022 season. With a bit of luck, we may even be able to enjoy a FIFA 22 World Cup DLC next year.
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  • FUT heroes: The Ultimate Team mode has already included the so-called FUT Icons since a couple of editions ago, starring players such as Pelé, Cruyff, and Puskás. Now, EA is launching the FUT Heroes, featuring players who have left memorable moments for the game, such as Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos, German striker Mario Gomez, and former MLS star Clint Dempsey.

Graphics and sound

As mentioned above, FIFA 22 boasts a new graphic technology called HyperMotion, bringing more fluid and dynamic animations to the game. Moreover, the players' emotions are shown more explicitly, with dialogues between them.

Game modes

  • Career Mode: You can create your club, become the manager, and keep track of as many details as you can imagine.
  • FUT: In this edition, we will find greater customization possibilities, weekly rewards, and much more!
  • Pro Clubs: This online social mode allows you to create a virtual player and play football on the pitch with your friends.
  • FIFA 22 VOLTA FOOTBALL: This year's VOLTA features a new skill meter and unique abilities like Power Strike, Pure Pace, and Aggressive Tackle.

What do the reviews say?

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The PC version of FIFA 22 has been rated 73/100 on Metacritic. The game has received mixed reviews from both professional critics and users. According to many, FIFA 22 does not feel like a major upgrade over previous installments in the footie series.

"Not a great year and a PC downgrade: FIFA 22 still plays well, but its PC version is graphically limited and offers little innovation." (GameStar)

Age rating


FIFA 22 has been classified with the PEGI 3 label, so it can be considered suitable for all audiences.

Is FIFA 22 cross-platform?

Yes, FIFA 22 is cross-platform, so you can play against other players no matter the platform they are using.

How to play FIFA 22 basics?

You can find the basic controls on EA's official website for the PS5PS4, and Xbox One.

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