Driver for AMD Athlon

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Driver for AMD Athlon
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Driver for AMD Athlon, as the name suggests is a driver for processors of the AMD series. It offers possibilities to enhance the processor's performance and can correct potential bugs.

Key Features

Managing CPU speed: Driver for AMD Athlon offers its user the ability to manage the speed of his CPU and voltage in real time. Thanks to this option, it becomes possible to balance the performance and consumption.

Correcting bugs: once Driver for AMD Athlon is correctly installed on the computer, it provides a specific feature for detecting and resolving potential bugs. To do this, it relies on Cool&Quiet which offers all necessary tools for performing such action.

Full performance: The main advantage with the use of this application is the fact that it allows accessing to the CPU's full performance. Indeed, thanks to this driver, there is no possibility of power loss as bugs are corrected and the processor's power is enhanced.


The download and installation of Driver for AMD Athlon are entirely free of charge.


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Alternative spelling: linux_frequency_driver-2-, linux_frequency_driver-2.10.0.tar.bz2
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