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GLPI is designed by Indepnet Association in order to control the whole computer system either it is hardware or software.

Key features:

  • -Fast : While using GLPI, it saves your money as everything can be done on line, there is no need to send letters and wait for their reply that may take longer than expected and results in delay.
  • Time saving : In addition, it saves your time due to its management capacity that can handle many things at the same time, for example : online orders, inventory, expendable or non expendable supplies and even human resources management are all possible while using it.
  • Multi function: Its task is not limited to those listed above but there is a possibility to add it if other tasks are needed to be executed by the software. It gives you access to many fields and there are many possible horizons that can be opened due its multiple functions. The computer technicians can do this installation for you if necessary.
  • Safety: There is no room for panicking while using it because it is safer and more practical in many cases. It is very advantageous for everybody who has to work on stock management and other work that needs constant follow ups which require exact information at a real time.
  • Under Linux system as the former version, what makes it more interesting is its various options that make you work fast and more efficient even hectic schedule and tight deadline are on the air.


  • Very easy to use and more practical to manage business


Alternative spelling: glpi-0.84.6.tar.gz, glpi.tar.gz
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