MySQL Essential

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MySQL Essential
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MySQL is known as one of the most popular open source database management system. It is also the most practical language used in developing web application. It can be used in database design and modeling.

Key features:

- MySQL Workbench: the application displays a data architect that manages, designs and generates database. As far as it concerns open source, the developer can edit database. Consequently, it can write, run and debug SQL statements.

-Partitioning: That process helps designer or developer enhance database performance and simplify its management. The program gives different methods of separation such as: range, list, columns, hash, key, or sub-partitioning.

-Connectors: modeling or managing databases can be done in C or C++ languages. Moreover, the application gives standard drives for JDBC, ODBC and .Net so that developers can build database application in their own language.

-Replication: Most of famous social network handle MySQL replication. It facilitates complex chained replication topologies to achieve abundant scalability. Otherwise, your system will easily handle a growing amount of work.

System requirements:

-Memory: 256 MB.

-The application only runs on Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

-Processor: Pentium 500 MHz.

-Hard disk: 37 MB of free disk space.


-The program can be downloaded freely.

-Its language makes its use very practical.


-The user must know how to model or to design database in C language.


Alternative spelling: mysql-essential-5.4.1-beta-win32.msi, mysql-essential.1-beta-win32.msi

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