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Meet CoView, your trustworthy companion for immersive comic book reading. No need to worry about time constraints or internet connectivity – CoView lets you dive into your favorite comics seamlessly, featuring smooth performance and high-quality reading capabilities.

What is CoView?

CoView, a specialized comic book application for computer reading, stands out with its clean and intuitive layout, setting it apart from other utilities. Balancing ease of use, all actions, from reading to adjusting viewing modes, can be seamlessly executed using hotkeys or the mouse. This app focuses on comics, eliminating unnecessary elements from the interface for an immersive experience.

What are the key features of CoView?

  • Offline reading: Neither time nor internet connection will alter your experience, as you can immerse yourself in reading while offline.
  • Mark your favorites: You can tag any content as a favorite and use bookmarks for an even smoother experience.
  • Wide range of formats: CoView supports an extended list of formats, including CBR, CBZ, RAR, ZIP, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, DIB, and WMF. Hence, regardless of their provenance, you can enjoy all the books you want.
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  • Reading mode: You can switch between different reading modes and adapt to any situation, like the full-screen mode, fits-to-height mode, fits-to-width mode, and the two-page mode. Also, you can rotate the pages to different angles.
  • Multi-list support: It allows you to load multiple comic lists, giving you a wide variety of options.
  • Reading settings: Get total control over what you read and dynamically tweak the levels of contrast, gamma, brightness, and hue. Moreover, you can add several effects like grayscale, outline, edge contrast, smoothness, and blur.
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  • Exporting capabilities: You can effortlessly export any page you want in various formats, like JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF. Moreover, you can even view file properties, like size, creation, and modification dates. Of course, you can add your touch and tweak the background color.
  • Multilingual: CoView is available in several languages, such as Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Latvian, Danish, and Dutch, among others.
  • Great performance: Besides good image quality, it offers good loading speed and multiple options that ensure an optimal user experience.
  • Hotkeys: You can smoothly navigate through the app using convenient hotkeys and shortcuts.
  • Standalone: The portable version allows you to carry it anywhere without installing it.

How to use CoView?

Once installed, you can open any supported comic file format and start your incredible reading journey. Besides, Coview is user-friendly and offers various keyboard shortcuts to enhance your navigation experience within the application:

  • 1 - Adjust the layout to screen size.
  • 7 - Continuous mode.
  • 8 - Fit to two pages.
  • Space - Navigate to the next page.
  • Backspace - Navigate to the previous page.
  • n - Move to the next comic.
  • r - Rotate.
  • m - Add a bookmark.
  • l - View a list of all bookmarks.
  • c - Change the background color.
  • Esc - Exit the program.
  • q - Minimize the program.

Is CoView free?

Yes, CoView is free to use.

Is CoView safe?

CoView is safe to use. As usual, ensure that you download the content you want to read from trusted sources.