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  • Developer Dreame Media
  • Version 2.1.0
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Dreame is a reading app created specifically for story lovers. You can enjoy some new authors' novels and well-known writers' pieces as well. If you are a writer, you can work with the app and earn money with it. The massive library has more 200,000+ novels so if you read fast, don't worry, you'll always have something to discover.

What are the key features of Dreame?

  • Massive library: More than 200,000 titles and every week the library updates and gathers more and more pieces.
  • Coins: You can earn coins by performing tasks in the app and enjoy new stories for free.
  • Numerous genres: Romance, werewolf/vampire sagas, billionaire novels, marriage, suspense, and so much more.
  • Community of like-minded readers: You can share your stories and reviews with a large community of readers and meet new people with the same interests.
  • Training for writers: You can get your story published, and follow publishing and writing workshops and training.
  • Multilingual: The app supports English, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog languages.
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How to get coins on Dreame?

To unlock some stories and chapters, you need coins. You can either buy them (1000 coins = $9.99) or earn them by performing tasks. One coin unlocks 100 words. To access tasks and earn your coins, you can go to your profile, select Earn Rewards and choose the task to do. When it’s done you will be granted by a number of coins that you can redeem.

How to earn money on Dreame?

If you are a writer, you can apply for a contract with the app and start earning money from your novels. The more popular and high ranked your story is, the more money you can get.

Is it free?

The Dreame app is free to download and use, though contains in-app purchases, such as coins.

Is it safe?

The Dreame app is a trustworthy app for authors and readers.

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