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The Libby, by OverDrive, is a reading app for digital books and audiobooks that you can borrow from your local library, or any other library you belong to. The app was created by OverDrive. The difference between Libby and Overdrive is that Libby is an app released by OverDrive, with a different way to access the same digital collection as the original OverDrive app.

What are the key features of Libby?

  • Synchronize with different devices: you can synchronize your books and audiobooks on all your devices: this means that you will also get the bookmarks and notes and you will be able to pick up from where you left.
  • Read on your Kindle: if you are a United States citizen, you will be able to send your digital books to your Kindle device, if this is how you prefer to read.
  • Explore: explore your library's digital catalog of books and audiobooks, download them and enjoy! You can also create your own reading lists.
  • Adjust: to make the Libby experience the most comfortable for you, the app allows you to change the text, the font, the background, to zoom, search for words, and many more!
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How does Libby work?

Libby’s interface is pretty simple to understand. Once you download the Libby app, you can search for your library by name, city, or zip code. When you find the right library, you will be able to browse its catalog. However, in order to borrow books, you need to have a valid subscription: the app will ask you to enter your library code. If you click on the cover of the book and then choose the Send to device option you will be able to send it to your Kindle. 

Is Libby safe?

It seems that Libby has no history of security issues. As always, we recommend avoiding sharing personal information on the web.

Is Libby free?

You can download and use this app for free. However, in order to borrow books from libraries, you need to have a subscription to the library of your choice.

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