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Reddit is one of the most famous places where people can talk anonymously about anything they want in threads and comments. There are lots of interesting, innovative, crazy, and fun content that await you on Reddit. No matter if you already are a Reddit user or a new one, download Reddit and enjoy the seamless and original Reddit experience from the dedicated app.

What is Reddit?

Reddit, aka “The front page of the internet” is the place that brings people together to have authentic, stimulating, and interesting conversations. No matter what kind of content or discussion you are looking for, you will find it on Reddit. Discover all the different communities (over 100 000), join them to follow their specific content, talk to other people, share your experiences, and be the true you. Reddit is quite amazing if you want to connect to other people anonymously and enjoy all the different types of content.

What are the key features of Reddit?

  • So many communities: Reddit contains thousands of different communities and topics. No matter what you’re into like technology, game, crypto, health, sports, programming, news, science, culture, animals, or anything else, you will certainly find it on Reddit. So many communities await you on “The front page of the web”.
  • Comment and participate: If you’re logged in you will be able to comment on threads and take part in discussions. Debate about everything and share your opinions and experiences. Reddit’s soul is its users. Thanks to the powerful post editor you will be able to post customized content including text, photos, videos, links, memes, and many more, enjoy and create your posts.
  • People just want to have fun: Don’t think that all the content is always serious, you will also find lots of topics where you will like to laugh, lol, post crazy memes, absurd content, and more.
  • Video and chats: Reddit provides live video streams, live audio conversations, and live chat features to let you connect with people the way you want.
  • Stay Anonymous: You only need an email address to log in on Reddit so you can be the real you, you’re only defined by what you want, not your job, friends, or any other classic social media classification model.
  • Get free from other people's gaze: Because you’re anonymous you can safely ask and answer questions you’re too afraid to ask in public. Don’t be shy, there will always be someone else who will be interested in answering your questions.
  • Subreddit, keep it simple: In Reddit, you have the concept of Subreddit. Basically, a Subreddit is a specific category that groups thread the users posted on it. You can join whatever Subreddit you want to join the community and follow the associated content. Give it a try on the cats Subreddit.
  • Shape the trend: For each post, you will be able to upvote or downvote, the more upvoted a thread is, the higher it is in its subreddit global ranking. You can also upvote and downvote comments to give more visibility to the most relevant information.
  • Respectful community: Even though you’re free to comment the Reddit community is quite vigilant to prevent harassment, and dedicated Reddit administrators help to keep the platform respectful of human rights.
  • Premium content: Because Reddit is free, the vanilla Reddit experience includes ads. If you want to remove those ads and get access to cool premium content like exclusive avatar gear, custom app icons, monthly coin awards, and coin bonuses, premium awards that let you give exclusive awards that get more attention, members lounge to discover all the Illuminati secrets in r/lounge, and more.
  • So many cats: You’re on the internet, of course, there are tons of cats on Reddit, otherwise what would be the point of talking together?
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How to install and use Reddit?

It is very simple, just download the app we provide you at the top of the page. Once the application is installed you just need to create an account using an email address and you’re good to go. You can directly log in and start exploring all the available features and subreddits, searching topics that interest you, and embracing all the amazing communities.

Is it free?

Reddit is a completely free app but also lets you purchase the Reddit Premium version that will get you access to all the premium features and an enhanced user experience.

Is it safe?

Reddit is safe but is designed for adults so there is an important amount of inappropriate content. The app is marked as suitable for 17-year-olds and later. Reddit has specific administrators working for Reddit who monitor the communities and make sure harassment is prevented.

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