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pCloud is a famous, reliable, and secure cloud storage service offering a very high-security level to store any file you want. Also, it allows you to easily share files to collaborate, manage media files gracefully, and even lets you set up automatic backups.

What are the key features of pCloud?

  • Cloud storage: You can increase your storage space up to 2TB and easily use your files saved on the cloud without slowing down your computer performance. Moreover, you can choose whether to store your files in the USA or European Union.
  • Collaboration: Thanks to pCloud Drive, you can share your files with friends and colleagues to collaborate easily and save significant time. Of course, you can control the level of access of each user by setting View, Edit, or Manage permissions. The cherry on the cake, you can share large files through shared links so that anyone can download the files even if they don't have a pCloud account.
  • Access everywhere: pCloud features multi-device support to access your files and data from any device, stay synced, and always be ahead of the curve. Moreover, you can even access essential files offline.
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  • Privacy: The company is based in Switzerland and therefore follows strict Swiss laws regarding personal data privacy.
  • Security: Upon transfer, pCloud uses TLS/SSL channel protection. Also, your files are stored on at least three server locations and encrypted using military-grade AES 256 encryption. If you pay for pCloud Crypto, they provide client-side encryption, which means that no one except you can access keys for file decryption.
  • Social media and backups: pCloud offers several solutions to back up your data automatically. Hence, you can back up photos and videos thanks to the Automatic Upload option. But you can also connect your social media accounts, like Facebook or Instagram, and automatically backup media from them on pCloud.
  • Media files: It seamlessly handles media files. The web interface features a built-in video and audio player, allowing you to play media files right from pCloud. Also, you can create audio playlists and watch videos in picture-in-picture mode.
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How to use pCloud?

  1. You can register using your Apple, Google, or Facebook account or through your email address.
  2. You can drag and drop files from your desktop or use the upload manager to upload any folders and files you want.
  3. The web interface features a dedicated wizard at the top of the interface to guide you through your learning process and helps you install the desktop and mobile apps. The more you use it, the more it unlocks additional storage space. Also, you will find sample pieces of data and folders to help you get started.
  4. There is a dedicated pCloud FAQ section about pCloud Drive if needed.

Is pCloud free?

You can go along with the free experience and take advantage of up to 10 GB of free storage. Also, several paid annual and lifetime plans are available depending you are looking for Individual plansfamily plans, or business plans.

Is pCloud safe?

pCloud is a safe cloud drive solution because the files stored on pCloud are protected with military-grade encryption, and no one except you can access them. Any pCloud driver download that is performed should be safe. For further information, you can consult the pCloud privacy policy.

Is pCloud better than Google Drive?

It depends on what you are looking for, as everything is a trade-off. In a nutshell, pCloud is better than Google Drive regarding data privacy and security, but Google Drive offers way better native app integrations and collaboration tools using Google Workspace.

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