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Do you often use Google Drive? Are you aware of the fact that it also has a desktop app? Previously called Backup and Sync, Google Drive for Desktop is an ideal way to get quick and easy access to your files in the cloud, directly from the Windows interface. Although it doesn't include the office suite from the web version, Google Drive is a great application to synchronize your local hard drive with Google's famous cloud storage service.

Key features

  • Access your cloud files: Find the files stored in your account through the handy Google Drive folder that will be created on your PC. It looks and works exactly the same as a regular Windows folder. By double-clicking a document in your folder you will be taken to the browser version of Google Documents, where you can continue to edit them or collaborate with others.
  • Backup: Use the local Google Drive folder to back up the contents of your computer, USB devices and SD cards. Just drag any file into the folder and it will automatically synchronize with the cloud.
  • Synchronization: Your local Google Drive folder will be synchronized over the internet with all your devices, so you will have access to these files from your browser, pc and your smartphone or tablet.
  • Storage: Google Drive gives you 15 GB free online storage space, with the possibility of upgrading to 100 GB, 200 GB or 2 TB.
  • Multiple accounts: The app allows you to access and manage cloud content from up to 3 different Google accounts.
  • Share: It is possible to share files or folders from your local Google Drive folder by right clicking on it. Just like in the web version, you can add the email address of one or multiple contacts or obtain a shareable link.

How does Google Drive for PC work?

As you are used to from Google, the Drive desktop app follows a simple and easy to understand approach. Download the file and follow the installation instructions. When the application is installed, it creates a Google Drive folder in My Computer. This is the place where you will be able to find all the files and folders currently stored on your Drive account. You are free to move files from your local Windows folders to the Drive folder, and vice versa.

During the initial setup process of Google Drive for Desktop you will be asked to make a selection of the Windows folders that you would like to synchronize with Google Drive automatically. For example your Photos folder or the folder where you save important personal documents,

Is it free?

You can download and use Google Drive completely free. Now, if you are looking for more than 15 GB of online storage space, you will need to subscribe to Google One. There are three different price plans: Basic (100 GB for $1.99), Standard (200 GB for $2.99) and Premium (2 TB for $9.99 monthly).

Other alternatives

If you're looking for more online storage solutions, check out our article on the best free cloud storage services. With some of them you can get up to 50 GB free space.

Minimum requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher.

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Other platforms

Google Drive is also available on macOS, Android and iPhone.

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