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Khan Academy derives from the idea of providing essential lessons to children and teens going from kindergarten to high school. Subjects are divided into the following sections: math, science, economics, arts and humanities, computing, and test prep for general testing like the SAT or LSAT. The app contains a series of lessons that you can bookmark, follow and test as if you were in a real classroom.

What are the key features of Khan Academy?

  • Free and Sustained by Professionals; the app is based on the concept of donations and providing free educational aid for kids who can not afford or are unable to attend school. The courses are supervised by professionals who prepare and double-check the material before adding the content to the platform.
  • Sections: Perfectly set and divided for every stage of school, the lessons start for the very little, with early math in kindergarten and jump up to high school levels to help understand the complexities of algebra and coding. The app allows you to select the sections and go repeat as many times those needed. For the students finishing high school that needs to get ready for college, preparation for admission tests is offered as well as career orientation.
  • Join Preset Classrooms; Teachers can also set up real-time classrooms using the materials provided by the applications and adding extra content by setting up classrooms and simply sharing the league with their students through the app, this allows both parties to take advantage of the material provided and gives the students the possibility to ask questions if needed.
  • Bookmarks and Testing; When studying a subject, there's the possibility to make pauses and bookmark the sections to be reviewed later, the student can bookmark a specific section, complete a lesson, video, or exercise. After each lesson, a test is presented to evaluate the progress made as well as the information retained, the test can be taken as many times as needed.
  • Career Skills and College Admissions; The application has a strong bonus by offering alternative sections apart from the common school lesson, two of which are career skills and college admissions. The Career Skills section allows students to figure out their primary skills to understand better what could be the right path to follow for their future careers. Admission college procedures are accurately explained preparing the student to understand bureaucratic, financial, and educational needs to apply to college.
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Is Kahn Academy free?

One of the main purposes of Kahn Academy is to provide completely free education to students around the world.

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