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Hot Potatoes is a program where you can create different types of puzzles and exercises you can then publish online. Developed by Half-Baked Software Inc, the software includes different apps: JCloze, JCross, JMatch, JMix, and JQuiz.

What are the key features of Hot Potatoes?

  • Create: Hot Potatoes allows users to create multiple types of quizzes, puzzles, or exercises ranging from multiple-choice questions, short-answers, jumbled-sentences, crosswords, matching/ordering puzzles to 'fill in the gap' exercises.
  • Improve: It aids greatly in the improvement of language and creation skills.
  • Interface: The Hot Potatoes software is easy to use. Users simply enter the data, configure the output by following on-screen instructions, and then compile the exercises into HTML pages. Following this, it can be published online.
  • Set the Time: Users can apply timers to certain exercises, thereby recreating a more realistic exam/school scenario.
  • Pick up where you left: Every answer in Hot Potatoes can now be marked and stored even after users log out and log back in. Scores will still be stored.
  • Copyright: Hot Potatoes provides an option to protect the author's copyright. Before creating the data, the user can register their name, which will then be added to the bottom of each exercise.
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How does Hot Potatoes work?

You can find different tutorials on the official website. Customer support is no longer provided, but you can get help from other users.

Is Hot Potatoes free?

You can download and use Hot Potatoes for free.

Is Hot Potatoes safe?

It seems that Hot Potatoes has no history of security and safety issues. However, don’t forget to read the official Privacy policy in order to take note of the ways Hot Potatoes uses your data.

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