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With Strava you can record your sports progress, track your activity, and challenge yourself.

What are the key features of Strava?

  • Track & Analyse: Record key stats, such as distance, pace, speed, elevation gained, calories burned, average power, heart rate and more.

  • Routes & Maps: Find new routes and maps with the Strava Route Builder. You can also use the Strava Heat Map to find popular routes in your area using other users' data.

  • Challenge & Compete: Push yourself with monthly challenges, compete with other users, and hunt for KOMs (the fastest times on any given Strava Segment). You can try and beat your personal best times and those of your friends.

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How does Strava work?

The Strava app turns your Android or iPhone device into an activity tracker by using your phone’s GPS. Strava also works with GPS watches (Apple Watch, Fitbit) and head units (Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton etc).

How to record activity on Strava?

To record an activity, start Strava and go to the record screen, and tap Record from the navigation bar. Strava will then track your activity. You can connect heart rate monitors, power meters, pedometers and other devices for more data.

Once you have recorded your activity you can upload it to your feed through the Strava app or on your PC. You can add photos which will then be displayed alongside the activity and also on your homepage.

What activity types are supported on Strava?

There are 32 different types of activity that are supported by Strava with Riding, Running and Swimming being the three core activity types. Most of Strava’s features are currently only available for these core activities. Other activities include walking, hiking, skiing, cross-fit and yoga.

See here for a full list of Supported Activity Types on Strava. Note: The Strava mobile app cannot record indoor or stationary activities that aren’t GPS-based.

Does Strava need WiFi?

Strava works locally, using GPS. During a ride or a run you do not need an Internet connection. Once you finish your activity you will need an Internet connection to upload the activity to Strava.

Is it free?

The Standard version of Strava is free. There is no cost to record or share activities. However, there are several features that are only available if you sign up for a Strava subscription. Strava Subscription cost: $5 per month when bought annually $59.99. Or $7.99 per month when paid monthly (giving an annual cost of $95.88). There is a 30 day Strava Free Trial that can be activated when you begin using Strava. This is for Strava Summit,

Is Strava worth paying for?

It depends on what Strava features you want to use. If you want to use any of the following features then it may be worth paying the subscription fee:

  • Overall segment leaderboards - In the free version you can only see the top 10

  • Filtered Leaderboards - Filter by date, followers, age, weight and clubs.

  • Segment Efforts - Compare your performances with other athletes and your previous best times

  • Live Segments - This allows you to see your performance in real-time whilst outside doing your activity on compatible devices.

  • Training Log - See all of your activities, progress, and important stats.

  • Custom Goals - Set goals for segments, yearly distance, and other parameters. This should help you stay motivated!

  • Routes - Create routes on the Strava website, or automatically generate routes on the app.

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