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Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps. Using simple videos and exercises, Headspace teaches you to concentrate, breathe, and meditate to relieve all kinds of problems related to everyday stress, including insomnia, anxiety, lack of concentration, and more.

What are the key features of Headspace?

  • Stress-relieving: Learn the life-changing techniques of how to relax, let go of all your troubles and manage anxiety.
  • Hundreds of guided meditations: Choose among various meditation methods and mindfulness techniques, find the best one for you and start living a calmer and happier life. There are also programs that help you to fall asleep, work productively or study without distractions.
  • Free sessions: The app offers you the first ten sessions for free in the form of a training plan, so you can familiarize yourself with mindfulness. Subsequently, if you wish to continue using it you must pay.
  • Move Mode: Mood-boosting Move Mode can help you during workouts led by the guided assistance of Olympian trainers Kim Glass and Leon Taylor.
  • The Wake Up: This feature helps you to start your morning in a good mood with a daily video series, inspiring stories, mindful advice, etc.
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How to use Headspace?

Download the app by clicking on the green Download button and start using the app. Select the goal you wish to achieve, like reframing stress and relaxing, focusing at work, starting meditating, etc. And listen to the corresponding melody, talk, and sounds. Practice often and you’ll get the results you wanted.

Is Headspace free?

This is the free basic version of the Headspace app. You can upgrade it to Plus for $12.99 per month.

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