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Minitab is a very powerful software specifically designed for statistical calculations, composed of a huge number of tools. Developed for academic and professional use, from basic statistics to analysis of variance, predictive analytics, cluster analysis, and more, you will definitely find what you need.

What are the key features of Minitab?

  • Interface: Minitab features many simple to complex components for wide-purpose statistical calculations in a well-designed environment. Also, you can customize the different menus and toolbars, tweak many settings and preferences to build user profiles, and extend the native capabilities of Minitab through scripting and Python/R integration.
  • Graphics: Processing data is important, but visualizing results is key. Hence, Minitab allows you to show your results through many different graphics models, including Binned scatterplots, boxplots, bubble plots, bar charts, correlograms, dotplots, heatmaps, histograms, matrix plots, parallel plots, scatterplots, time series plots, but also contour and rotating 3D plots, probability and distribution plots, and lots more. Of course, you can easily export your data in TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and EMF format.
  • Basic statistics: You can easily perform all the operations related to basic statistics, like one-sample Z-test, one and two sample t-tests, paired t-test, one and two proportions tests, one and two sample Poisson rate tests, one and two variances tests, correlation and covariance, normality test, outlier test, or Poisson goodness-of-fit test.
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  • Regression: Many regression tools are available, like the Cox regression, Linear and Nonlinear regressions, Binary, ordinal and nominal logistic regression, Stability studies, Partial least squares, Orthogonal regression, Poisson regression, and more. You will also find tools designed for model validation and response prediction and optimization, but also other to find the best subsets.
  • Analysis of variance: ANOVA is another important aspect of statistics, and Minitab allows you to perform it in several ways, like Midex models, MANOVA, multiple comparisons, tests for equal variances, analysis of means, and more.
  • Quality measurement: You can also measure quality and productivity or perform statistical control of processes using several quality tools. You can use Run chart, Pareto chart, Cause-and-effect diagrams, Multivariate control charts (T2, generalized variance, MEWMA), Box-Cox and Johnson transformations, Tolerance intervals, Acceptance sampling and OC curves, Multi-Vari chart, Variability chart, etc.
  • Predictive analytics: This is the set of techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. Minitab helps you get very qualitative results using Automated Machine Learning, CART Classification, CART Regression, Random Forests Classification, Random Forests Regression, TreeNet Classification, and TreeNet Regression.

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  • Simulation and distributions: You have access to useful simulation and distributions versatile tools, like random number generator, probability density, cumulative distribution, and inverse cumulative distribution functions, random sampling, but also bootstrapping and randomization tests.

  • More: You will also find many other sets of tools, including Multivariate (Principal components analysis, Factor analysis, Discriminant analysis, Cluster analysis, Correspondence analysis, Item analysis, and Cronbach's alpha, etc.), Time Series and Forecasting, Nonparametrics, Equivalence Tests, Tables, and more.

How to install and use Minitab?

Once you have downloaded and installed the demo version of Minitab we provide, you can browse the different videos to learn the basics, browse the blog for the latest improvements and tips & tricks, or consult the resources and services page.

Is it free?

We offer you here the 30-day trial version you can use for free. But if you want to keep using it after the trial period, you need to purchase one of the available subscription options.

Is it safe?

Minitab is considered a reliable and safe software solution. You can consult the Minitab privacy policy to know more about data collection.

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